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Display a random comment

This plugin is designed to display a random comment based on article id number.


Simple gravatar display

This is a simple, clean plugin to display gravatars in comment forms. It doesn’t use any cache and provides access to all Gravatar options.

SED Comment Pack

A bunch of tags to help you format your comments.

v0.6 New tags to track ‘new’ comments.

Style your comments easily with this set of tags.

It checks comments against the TXP authors on the site to see if it should be marked as an author comment—good for sites with multiple contributing authors.


jnm_recent_comments_unique is similar to txp:recent_comments. It displays the latest comments with the following changes: It only displays one link per article with the number of comments enclosed in parenthesis and It display the names of latest commenters (optional)


If comment preview

One-line conditional plugin whose contents only appear if the user is on a comment preview…


Grouped Recent Comments

As part of my migration to Textpattern, I’ve had to go through and port a…


Live comment preview

The plugin generates a javascript-based live preview of comments.


Customizable comment time.

Allows you to override comment date/time format.



I searched for the possibility to show the link to the commentform in an other look than “commentstring [num]”. So I ripped of shamelessly Reiniers rei_comments_invite-plugin to fit my needs. With this plugin it is possible to show comment-invites like “12 comments to go”.


Comments invite, names of commentors

Show link to comments with the names of the latest commenters. Very adjustable.


A formating bar that will insert textile formating code in the textarea

This plugin will create a formating bar that will insert textile formating code in the textarea. Its based on the quicktags used by wordpress.


Alternate even/odd comments

Alternates output based on even- or odd-numbered comments


Conditional tags on comment cookie

This plugin allows you to display certain information about comments only to those users who don’t have the comment cookie set, i.e. who are likely to be first-time visitors.


Output an unordered list of the most recent comments

In the current version, the recent_comments tag from Dean isn’t working like I want it. I want an unordend list, like the other lists (recent articles, related etc.) So I made my own plugin that I can use till Dean fixed the list problem (cause it should work in my opinion).


Reduces the incentive for comment spam.

Applies PR blocking to outgoing links, to reduce the incentive for comment spam.


Displays a list of the most commented-upon articles.

The purpose of Chatometer is to list articles by the number of comments they receive.…


Add favatars to comments

This plugin allows for display of favatars (favicon avatars) in comments and is intended to be used within your default comment form. The output is a complete image tag; if no image is found or some problem occurs, no image tag is output.


Output current comment number

Allows for outputting current comment number.


Allows checking name of commenter against article author or custom list of names

Conditional output based on comparing the name, email, and/or url of the commenter. You could…


Gravatar plugin

Outputs a users Gravatar in comments. More info about Gravatars at


Returns a value from thiscomment

Returns a value from $thiscomment

Use this tag inside a comment form


Display content every n-th step

<txp:zem_nth> conditionally displays content every “n-th” step. Example uses: Alternate or cycle colours and…


Comments not displayed after a single article

Based on TXP’s base code. It modifies the article function so that the comments are…


Enhanced comment functions

It gives you a few functions that replaces the built-in Textpattern comment functions. For one,…


Section Aware Recent Comments

Permits a listing of comments by section. The current recent_comments tag will list comments from…

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