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Based on the standard comments_invite. Shows link to comments with the names of the latest commenters. Very adjustable.

To me it seems quite finished, but feedback is appreciated! ;-)

Example output:

Comment – comments by Reinier, Dean, Jason

Example of usage:

<txp:rei_comments_invite />
<txp:rei_comments_invite limit="10" showcount="yes" nocomment="Commenting disabled" />

Default values:

  • wraptag = “p”
  • limit = “5”
  • sep = ”, ”
  • showcount = notset
  • emptytxt = notset
  • onetxt = notset
  • moretxt = notset
  • nocomment = notset

Explaining the attributes:

  • wraptag: the tag around the whole thing
  • limit: the maximum names of commenters displayed
  • sep: the seperater that seperates the names (if “br” than they are nicely breaked)
  • showcount: if set on yes (or any other value) the amount of comments is displayed just like the default textpattern way
  • emptytxt: the text before the names, when there are no commenters
  • onetxt: the text before the names, when there is one commenter
  • moretxt: the text before the names, when there are multiple commenters
  • nocomment: the text to show when you disabled comments for the entry
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11 Apr 2005

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