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This plugin allows you to display certain information about comments only to those users who don’t have the comment cookie set, i.e. who are likely to be first-time visitors.

Returning commentators needn’t see all the info again and can be presented with a more straightforward comment form. The idea and reasoning comes from and is explained by Dunstan.

Two tags.

<txp:if_cookie></txp:if_cookie> simply returns its contents if the user has a TXP cookie remembering their comment details.

<txp:if_no_cookie></txp:if_no_cookie> returns its contents if the users does not have a TXP cookie. Probably redundant with this new <txp:else /> business, but there it is anyway for you to use.

Used it to great effect on a blog to produce the 1976-esque effect of shunting all the inputs aside except the message one when the user has a cookie to deal with it.

Tested with RC3.

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24 Mar 2005

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