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A football plugin

CNK_SOCCER gives you the possibility to manage football league from your textpattern backend and display league-tables and next-game notifications on the front-end.

You can manage any number of league, connect clubs (with logos) to it and then set up games in rounds. When goals are editet, points and other...


Find references to stuff (keywords search) in your pages / forms / articles / sections.

Searches pages, forms, articles and sections for references to a given text string so you can find where you have used plugins or forms and thus find ones that are no longer required.


Update the URL-only title when editing articles

Edit the title of any article and the url-title will get updated to match.


Admin side colorpicker

Color Picker for use with Widescreen Template by James Muspratt or any time you want a custom color associated with an article.

This plugin adds a colorwheel to a custom field in the write tab allowing you to associate a color with each article.


filtering articles in admin backend by sections, categories, authors and statuses

This plugin was made for filtering articles in the admin backend and it’s filtering by sections, categories, authors and statuses.


displays live word count update when editing articles

basically like zem_article_info, except this plugin provides live word count update as you type, permalink, and displays the current article id. (link and id don’t show up until you actually save the article of course)


lets you browse your articles/images/files in admin backend by dropdowns of categories/sections

this plugin lets you browse your articles/images/files in admin backend by dropdowns of categories/sections applicable to that area…sort of(see caveats).


adds accordion effect to section list in admin area

yah yah i know, boo accordion boo web 2.0 etc.!

just did this as a request from this thread

basically, just adds your typical accordion effect to section list in admin area. might help those who have a LOT of sections.


Delete IP info per comment or purge IP addresses of comments and logdata

After a court decision in Germany web masters shouldn’t save personal informations users didn’t opt in. Especially IP adresses shouldn’t be saved for a long time.

This Plugin allows to delete IP information on a per comment basis and allows to purge IP adresses of comments and logdata at once or at login into...


improved upload images from the write tab

download here: lam_image_uploader v0.6c

Allows you to upload images via the Write tab. Based on stm_image_uploader but with a few improvements including:

  • automatically appending image id to...


Plugins' tables manager

This plugin is designed to help users of plugins that require them to create new tables in the database.

Some plugins need to create additional tables in the Textpattern database. Some of them (like this one) care to create and remove their own tables, however, some plugins give the user one or more text files with the commands required for MySQL to create the tables needed.

In these cases, the user is forced to use the mysql command line or the phpmyadmin tool in order to create the tables.

This plugin, although somehow still raw, is (hopefully) a simpler way to create tables for this kind of plugin.

wet_parachute: Warn before losing unsaved changes

Warn before losing unsaved changes

wet_parachute prevents you from losing changes to an article by inadvertently closing the browser window.

After an intermediate save operation...


A maintenance mode for Textpattern

This plugin is intended to allow an administrator to put the site off-line and show a static page while doing maintenance tasks.

It is roughly equivalent to rvm_maintenance and was originated in the same forum thread, so you should choose whichever works best for you.


Maintenance Mode

This plugin, when activated, will show a maintenance page to all visitors who are not logged in on the admin side of Textpattern. Requires Textpattern 4.0.6 or higher.


Allows the TXP Files tab to manage remote URLs as well as local files. Useful for offering large downloads via 3rd party file sharing sites

Manage large remote files hosted on third party sites from within TXP’s Files interface. Use most of the standard tags to offer a mixture of local and remote files for download.


Unlimited, Super Special Custom Fields

*Most recent version is v1.2.4. If you’ve already contributed towards the plugin, head over to the private glz_custom_fields Google Group. Even though all discussion is happening on the TXP forum, this is a great place for downloading the plugin (v1.2 is...



txp_twitter is a plugin which writes a tweet at your space at twitter, each time you write or edit a post.

The instructions to install this plugin are easy. First of all, you have to download the plugin and install it into your textpattern installation. Then you must edit...


Adds a 'help' tab to the 'Content' area of admin. Intended to be used to provide documentation and help for end users/site editors.

Update v0.6 21st August 2008

Added a few enhancements:

  • edit tab name
  • configure integration of hak_tinymce
  • option to automatically direct clients to this tab when they sign in rather than the default (new article)

Update v0.5 1st August 2008

  • Updated for txp...


Modifying User Account Roles and Privileges

Modifying User Account Roles and Privileges


This plugin is pretty raw at present, and doesn’t do anything until you start editing the plugin itself. You shouldn’t install this unless you have some basic knowledge of editing plugins.


Privilege assignments determine what...


Add the versions of the articles

This plugin enable you to store versions of the articles. You can see the differences between versions.


Add the expiration of the articles to the write tab

This plugin add the option to the write tab for expiration of the articles.


Restore modified plugins

Restore modified plugins to their original contents.


Pending article notification.

Publishers receive an email when an article is Pending, and the author when receives an email when the article is made Live/Sticky.

wet_quicklink: A simple point and click method of building site internal links

Quick internal link builder for Textpattern articles

wet_quicklink extends the back end by adding a...


Automatic Plugin Installer

The rss_pluginstaller plugin is a new way to install and update all of the Textpattern plugins available at wilshire|one. Once you download and install the


An easy-to-use file picker, for use with upm_file.

An easy-to-use file picker, for use with upm_file.


Support for spelling using GoogieSpell.


Add a little link to the email tagbuilder on the write page of the TXP interface.

Add a little link to the email tagbuilder on the write page of the TXP interface.


Manage publication times for links

jjj_link_pub_time uses javascript to extend the form in the links tab to have a timestamp option identical to the one in the write tab. It also includes a <txp:jjj_linklist /> tag, which is identical to <txp:linklist /> except that it leaves out links with a future date, so you can schedule a link’s publication.


Hide Fields in Admin

In “Hide in admin” tab specify which fields you do or do not want to see and for which user levels.

It gives you control over what you want certain user levels see in the Write, Organise tab and the “inner” part of the Image tab. It also gives you option to have “Textile Help”, “Advanced Options” and “Recent...

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