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This plugin, when activated, will show a maintenance page to all visitors who are not logged in on the admin side of Textpattern. Requires Textpattern 4.0.6 or higher.


  • Very small, due to efficient reuse of TXP internal functions (less than 250 bytes of PHP code)
  • Detailed documentation in the plugin help.
  • Users logged in on the TXP admin side, can still view the website normally. After all, it’s harder to maintain a website if you can’t see what the result is on the front end.
  • Customizable ‘maintenance mode’ template.
  • Sends a “HTTP 503 Service Unavailable” response when in maintenance mode, telling Google spiders to come back later instead of indexing the maintenance page.
  • Minimal interface. Activating and deactivating the plugin is all you have to do to make it work.
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14 Nov 2007
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03 Mar 2008

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Commented (6)

If you are using the JPCache Cleaner plugin, you’ll want to clear the cache once you come out of maintenance mode, otherwise, you’re visitors will continue to get the 503 page until the cache automatically clears.

Great plugin!


Warning: unknown_tag: sitename in /home/www/textpattern/publish.php on line 973

The ‘unknown_tag: sitename’ error is not cause by this plugin. Your error_default template probably still contains a <txp:sitename> tag, which should be replaced by a <txp:site_name> tag.

Excellent plugin! Thanks, this is really useful.

I seem to be having trouble viewing the site while logged in with maintenance mode on. Is there a trick to making that work? And just to clarify, this should work on a per-browser basis, yes?

Oh, never mind. Seems that it was the difference between logging in with a “www.” and accessing the site without…

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