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yah yah i know, boo accordion boo web 2.0 etc.!

just did this as a request from this thread

basically, just adds your typical accordion effect to section list in admin area. might help those who have a LOT of sections.

download here: lam_accordion_section v0.2

install, enable, head over to your presentation->sections tab and voila.

(sorry the styling is my own theme. you will see your regular, friendly neighbourhood yellow/grey on yours)

i doubt i’ll be doing any more work on this so feel free to modify as you will.

v0.2 – updated for TXP 4.08

simple modifications: you can easily get rid of the annoying slide/toggle animations and instead of accordion where you can only have one slide open at a time, you can minimize/maximize as many sections as you wish. pretty simple to figure out but if you need help modifying the plugin to do so, just say so.

mod #1: for those who just want a simple hide/show effect with no animation, PLUS the ability to keep more than one section exposed at a time (as opposed to the accordion effect only keeping one section open), you can also download lam_nonaccordion_section)

things it will not do: one thing i didnt do was enable correct toggling of the + and – signs to signify whether its expanded or not so i just tacked on both. i’m sure someone else can figure it out. it will also not KEEP the expanded section open once you press save. they will all just collapse again. i have a feeling you’d need to do some form of cookie magic for this and i’ve no interest in going that far.

warning: may act funny if you’re using some other admin theme that probably changes the structure of your backend somehow

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Jan 10/08
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14 Jan 2008

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