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Convert ISBN13 format numbers to access the individual book page on Amazon stores

pat_amazon_isbn is a Textpattern CMS plugin that converts ISBN13 format numbers to ISBN10 ones in order to access the corresponding book page on Amazon stores (support for internationalization).


Redirect visitors based on referrel site

Redirect your known visitors to a specific section of your website.


Love redirects, hate 404s

Redirect URLs producing Textpattern 404 error pages to other URLs anywhere on your site or the web using a 301 permanently moved server message.

Requirements: Textpattern 4.5+

Full documentation and...


Passes argument to php rawurlencode function

sho_urlencode is an extremely simple plugin similar to etz_striptags. It passes its argument to the php rawurlencode function and should work with all versions of Textpattern.
It was necessary to create this plugin in order to get the Facebook Like button working for me and keeping any php code from the...


Assign alias URLs to articles for 301 redirection

The motivation for this plugin came from wanting short URLs in print media to reference articles with complicated URLs. What if, in a newsletter, we could say:

To read more, see: http://iicph.org/2010/a

instead of

To read more, try to type this...


Outputs date from URI.

Outputs date from URI.


Filter and display information from any XML document on the web.

Grab XML data from a URL on the web (for example, a feed) and slice bits out of it to display on your TXP site.


Strip white spaces and GZIP compress pages on the fly. Set any page headers. Simple 301 redirect with conditions.


  • Set any page headers. It’s useful for create your custom feeds.
  • Strip white spaces on the fly.
  • GZIP and deflate compress on the fly.
  • Simple 301 redirect with conditions.



Shorten URLs to just site.com/ID and have the browser auto-forward

Automatically allow short URLs comprising just the article ID for convenience to visitors.


Simple 301 redirect with conditions

Simple 301 redirect with conditions. This plugin useful for redirect non exist pages or directories to other place.
(404 to 301 redirect)


Extract GET & POST variables

adi_gps extracts GET/POST variables from the URL and assigns them to TXP variables.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look


Enhanced links


adi_link will output links from various sources, with custom attributes.

Once installed and activated, you’ll get a new tag: <txp:adi_link/>.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look


Sanitize text between opening & closing tag for use in a URL

This plug-in implements a container tag (mta_sanitize) which will “sanitize” any text contained between the opening & closing tag for use in a URL. This is a wrapper around the built-in sanitizeForUrl() function and will also parse other textpattern tags that it contains.


Update the URL-only title when editing articles

Edit the title of any article and the url-title will get updated to match.


section and URL based on POST or GET variables in URL.

This tag works very similarly to article_custom, except that the section and url_title of the article(s) displayed are determined by either POST or GET variables in the URL


Simple plugin for automatic metainformation

A Textpattern plugin used for SEO. The plugin includes basic SEO tools, from semi-automatic metainformation generation to useful redirections that prevent double content as rah_metas is also able redirect requested messy urls to cleans, leaving no space for the double content...


Clean URLS for IIS


Designed primarily to make use of the ‘/section/title’ permanent links mode which is usually not available when Textpattern is installed on IIS. It requires the use of ISAPI_rewrite. It has no relevance to the majority of eminently sensible Textpattern users who use Apache...


create custom permlink and pagelink url rules

gbp_permanent_links will let you create custom permlink and pagelink url rules to will automatically be used by Textpattern to link to articles and archive pages.


clean feed urls

This plugin extends Textpattern’s default Atom & RSS functionality to allow for /clean/feed/urls. Included with this plugin is the template tag ajw_clean_feed_link (detailed below), which is used for displaying feed links in your page templates.


Simple redirect plugin. Place in article an voilá!


Clean, configurable URLs

Clean, configurable URLs for Textpattern.


Support all URL formats at the same time

I was excited about the new clean-URL options in TxP 1.0 (esspecially about dropping the ID from the URL), but I was disaapointed to learn that TxP would only accept URLs in the format it was writing them in. So I wrote a plugin to address that. Announcing sgb_url_handler.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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