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The motivation for this plugin came from wanting short URLs in print media to reference articles with complicated URLs. What if, in a newsletter, we could say:

To read more, see:

instead of

To read more, try to type this accurately in your browser:

and still get there?

The help explains the simple steps and the performance issues. In a nutshell:

  1. Dedicate a custom_X field to article alias URLs.
  2. Put the plugin tag 1st thing in the default_error page.
  3. Write the alias URLs in the field in articles following the simple rules.

The plugin uses a slowish LIKE SQL query, but it only happens when there’s a 404, and only happens once per article per browser as the HTTP 301 redirection should get cached.

I looked at the zem_redirect plugin for inspiration.

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25 Oct 2010

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