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This plugin extends Textpattern’s default Atom & RSS functionality to allow for /clean/feed/urls. Included with this plugin is the template tag ajw_clean_feed_link (detailed below), which is used for displaying feed links in your page templates.


All that needs to be done to enable clean feed urls on your site is install & activate this plugin. RSS and Atom should then be accessible at any /clean/rss/ or /clean/atom/ url.

Example URLs

  • Articles
    • (default)
    • (articles in section ‘foo’)
    • (articles under category ‘bar’)
  • Links
    • (links feed)
    • (links feed for links category ‘foo’)
  • Comments 1
    • (sitewide comments)
    • (article comments)
    • (article comments)

1 Requires ajw_comments_feed. URL will depend on your permlink mode.

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Initially released:
15 November 2005
Posted here:
15 Aug 2006

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