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pat_amazon_isbn plugin


This Textpattern CMS plugin converts ISBN13 format numbers to access the corresponding book page on Amazon stores (support for internationalization).


<txp:pat_amazon_isbn number="" url="" tooltip="" title="" />


  • number: Your ISBN13 number [1]. Default: none (empty) .
  • url: Main URL domain for Amazon. Default: (american store).
  • tooltip: Text for the tooltip link. Default: Access to Amazon store.
  • title: Title of the link. Default: Buy on Amazon.

The plugin checks and validates all attributes.


<txp:pat_amazon_isbn number="978-1118008188" url="" tooltip=" On the Amazon Store " title="Buy on Amazon" />

The code above will produce an HTML link to the corresponding sell page for the book with the ISBN13 number 978-1118008188.

Example with a custom field

<txp:if_custom_field name="ISBN"><txp:pat_amazon_isbn number='<txp:custom_field name="ISBN" />' url="" tooltip=" On the Amazon Store " title="Buy on Amazon" /></txp:if_custom_field>


1 It don’t care about how you set the ISBN13 number. (i.e. Both are accepted: 978-1118008188 or 978-1-118008-18-8) even without any dashes.

Change log

13 nov 2013: v0.1, first release.

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Plugin available here

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16 Nov 2013

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