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The aam_typogrify brings the typographical goodies of Django’s Typogrify text filters to Textpattern. Four template tags provided by this plugin can be used alone or together to:

  • Prevent typographical widows (words that appear all by themselves on the last line of a paragraph or title).
  • Gain new CSS styling hooks for ampersands
  • Gain new CSS styling hooks for initial quotation marks, so that you can do nifty things like hanging quotation marks.

Basically, this is candy for Web typography geeks. If you care about how text is presented online, Typogrify can help you make your text look better. For some examples, see this demo of the Django filters.

For more information about this plugin and its use, see the information URL provided, or read the documentation after you’ve installed it.

NOTE: This plugin takes the place of my previous plugin aam_widont, and provides the same functionality (and more). The two plugins should not be used together.

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08 Jun 2007

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