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Several tags that enable you to make use of the fact that a visitor is logged in on the admin side of Textpattern.

NOTE: Requires TXP 4.0.6 or higher.


  • tag: <txp:rvm_privileged /> returns HTTP 403 error to visitors that are not logged in on the admin side. Users logged in on the TXP admin side with customizable error template.
  • tag: <txp:rvm_if_privileged /> lets you show parts of a page only to visitors that are logged in on the TXP admin side.
  • Both tags can be set to only allow specific users or privilege levels.
  • tag: <txp:rvm_privileged_user /> shows information about the logged TXP user that is visiting the website.
  • Very small (less than 1300 bytes of PHP code)
  • Detailed documentation in the plugin help.

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11 Feb 2008

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