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Use lists like arrays

For using lists like arrays. See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a…


Join stuff together

adi_join is a simple little thing to join stuff together. Useful for creating comma-separated lists…


Split and repeat. Build list, sort values.

Split, loop and repeat a value by value. With this Textpattern plugin, you can turn a simple list of values into advanced HTML output and lists. Split markup half, and represent halves in different places on the page.


Show site visitors which articles have been viewed recently. Most popular or most recent: you choose.

Which articles have been viewed recently, by either date or popularity? Show people what’s hot or not on your site.


Iterate over TXP variables (even from the URL bar).

Iterate over stuff. Any TXP variable available on the public side can be grabbed and its contents can be filtered, then each one of the remaining items can be used in a form.


linklist with modifications

This plugin works like the built in txp:linklist. But opposite to the built in tag,…


An extension to txp:category that returns any parent element from the current (or named) category

Retrieves a parent category from any level “up the tree” of any given category


Simple Multi-Value Custom Fields

This plugin lets you collect related pieces of information into a single field, pull one or more of them back out again, and create conditional content based on individual values in the collection.


Greatly extends on the functionality of txp:recent_comments

Expands on recent_comments by allowing the use of forms to display the comments. You can…

wet_if_page: Check for page numbers in paginated article lists

Check for page number(s) in article lists

wet_if_page is a conditional tag. In article list mode, it takes a comma separated list…


Organize articles by keywords or tags.

The chh_keywords plugin provides Txp tags for managing articles based on keywords—or tags, or labels, or categories, or whatever the in vogue term is today.


Related articles by categories, keywords, custom fields, and/or author.

chh_related_articles is an enhanced version of txp:related_articles that can determine “relatedness” not just by comparing article categories, but also via keywords, authors, and/or custom fields, and by mapping values between any of these fields.


Context-sensitive articles navigation menu

Created based on some context-based textpattern plugins, this plugin goes recursively based on your current section and look for category names and leaf articles.


Generates list of your installed plugins

Generates a definition list of your installed plugins instead of a table. This may be good for people who were trying to display the table in a very narrow space.


List of plugins employed on your site

A plugin that makes it easy to give credit to plugin authors on your about or colophon. It uses article forms, works with a few tags.


Modified Recent Articles

A version of recent articles that allows ability to filter list by section, and change starting point of list


Extends styling and options of recent_articles

This plugin gives you the recent articles and opens up to style it a little bit more than the orginal.


Display list of installed plugins

This is another plugin that uses forms to display stuff. Here, it’ll display a list…


Output an unordered list of the most recent comments

In the current version, the recent_comments tag from Dean isn’t working like I want it. I want an unordend list, like the other lists (recent articles, related etc.) So I made my own plugin that I can use till Dean fixed the list problem (cause it should work in my opinion).


Section Menu

Creates a menu from your sections.


Upcoming Events List

Creates a list of future, live articles.


Highlights the current article or current section.

This plugin highlights the current article or current section.


Displays a list of all articles in a section

djw_section_articles will spit out a list of links to all of the articles in the current section.


Popup category list

A context-sensitive popup category list for Textpattern, shows only categories associated with the current section.…


Displays a list of the most commented-upon articles.

The purpose of Chatometer is to list articles by the number of comments they receive.…


Related articles by keywords

This plug-in behaves the same as related_articles except that it searches for keywords as well.…


section-aware automatic section and article menus

The rdt_dynamenus plugin automagically generates section-aware menus of sections and articles and ensures that they are automagically updated whenver new sections or articles are added to the website.


Recent articles in a dropdown list

akh_selrecent is a modified (and seperate) version of txp:recent_articles. it outputs exactly the same information…


Displays the most popular articles according to your log.

This plugin scours your log file to determine the most accessed articles. Articles are displayed…


Link log formatting, navigation and search

tfu_linklog expands Textpattern’s functionality for formatting, navigating and searching links.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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