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Flat theme management plugin for Textpattern

This plugin makes your Textpattern CMS database more flat, manageable and editable. Edit templates, forms,…


All the things

The download server is on summer vacancy, so I put it here. It’s a working…


Mouse gesture detection

A small and simple javascript library to detect mouse gestures that don’t involve a button…


Erik Bosrups famous overLIB

with improvements and plugins by Robert E. Boughner and me Install and activate lum_p version…


jQuery plugin collection

bundles some useful extensions and plugins for jQuery. The most notable one is jQuery UI,…


Create custom Txp tags containing any functionality you choose

Define custom macros from other Txp/plugin tags and use those macros as if they were built-in tags via <txp:my_tag />


A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper

A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper. License GPL v2 or (at your option) any later version.…


Like txp:hide but with a feature or two

Show or hide code/content blocks depending on site production status.


Add a useful code editor to Textpattern's Presentation tabs

Simply takes Christophe Dolivet’s EditArea, a free javascript editor for source code, and uses it…


Test and see code execution times

Rah_runtime returns execution time between a tag pair. The plugin can be used diagnose and test parts of code, and to pinpoint the source of a slowly executing page.


External content-type snippets.

External content-type snippets.


Every PHP function is a potential Textpattern tag

Turn every PHP function into a Textpattern tag. That’s right, with rah_function pretty much any PHP function can be used as a Textpattern tag.


Create, edit or remove TXP preferences directly

Interface for managing your entire set of site preferences. Create, alter or delete prefs or simply search for certain preferences


Plugin preference system

Plugin preference management system: for plugin authors who want to provide preferences for their plugins, automated preference handling and user interface.


Show plugin information

Similar to some other plugins that show plugin info, but more comprehensive, allowing you to format plugin fields as you wish with a form or container, and offering display of help text & source code, even specific chunks of source code.


OOP library for plugin devs

Classes for making SELECT queries, dealing with the ensuing data, and generating HTML output therefrom


Takes the public website offline with a custom message and shows a warning in the admin interface

This plugin is a modified version of rvm_maintenance. It allows you to take the entire public website offline for maintenance in a few clicks. Anyone attempting to access the public part of the website will then see in the default HTTP 503 Textpattern error template instead, including a custom message of your choice. A warning message will be shown in the admin interface as long as the website is in maintenance mode.


Allows custom, ad-hoc queries to be made to the database and each row parsed by a form.

Talk to the database directly via SQL. Plug a query in and use a form or container to iterate over the returned rows. Supports article, file and link mode processing as well as <txp:variable /> and URL variables.


Conditional Host Name Plugin

This plugin is meant to help those who do Textpattern development on localhost or a subdomain. Sometimes you’ll want to do one thing on the in-development site, and another on the “live” site. The conditional tag provided by aam_if_host lets you do exactly that.


A maintenance mode for Textpattern

This plugin is intended to allow an administrator to put the site off-line and show a static page while doing maintenance tasks.

It is roughly equivalent to rvm_maintenance and was originated in the same forum thread, so you should choose whichever works best for you.


Maintenance Mode

This plugin, when activated, will show a maintenance page to all visitors who are not logged in on the admin side of Textpattern. Requires Textpattern 4.0.6 or higher.


Display a plugin's "help" contents

The tsw_help_display plugin is a simple plugin to display the help contents of a specified…


Find changes you made to installed plugins

Have you ever edited any of the plugins you have installed? If so, then rvm_plugin_diff is meant for you.

This plugin helps you do the following:

  • Find the changes you made (color diff, inspired by
  • Download the changes in unified diff format (a patch which can be sent to the plugin developer).
  • View the plugin code with line numbers at the beginning of each line, so you can find errors easier.


Converts XHTML to HTML

This plugin converts XHTML self-closing, “ />,” tags to HTML ones (”>”). All you have…


Easily view your plugin's help section

Tired of the tedious work-flow needed when writing and checking the help section of your plugins?

This plugin can slash the time it takes to go through the cycle.


create, edit, export, import plugins in the admin panel

Create new plugins right in the admin interface and edit any plugin data; List and…


Decodes a TXP plugin.

Decodes a TXP plugin. Used to view a plugin before installing.


syntax highlighted code

This plugin creates a shaded area with syntax highlighted code (for PHP only currently).


for executing php code

&lt;txp:zem_php&gt; offers an alternative to &lt;?php ?&gt; for executing PHP code.


Comment out parts of forms completely

The anc_hide plugin allows you to comment out areas of a page or form opaquely;…

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