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This one is aimed at plugin authors. If you want to provide preference settings for your plugin, but would rather avoid the chore of coding the plugin_prefs and plugin_lifecycle callbacks, soo_plugin_pref provides a simple alternative.

For background, see this thread.

Information and download.

Version 0.2.2 (9/28/2009)

  • Fixed bug in preference position re-indexing (determines position in preference setting user interface)

Version 0.2.1 (9/26/2009)

  • Plugin installation order is no longer important: a plugin’s preferences will be installed the first time it is activated or its “Options” link clicked while soo_plugin_pref is active
  • Preferences are now assigned a meaningful position value, so that the order preferences are declared in your plugin is the order they appear in the pref admin

Version 0.2 (9/17/2009)

This version uses a different identifying scheme for preferences and hence is not compatible with the previous version. The plugin name is no longer stored in the event column, so there is no longer any restriction on plugin name length.

Known compatible plugins:


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28 Sep 2009

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