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Tweet all your text contents

Allow your visitors to Tweet parts of your text content with anchor (as the comment system in use on the Medium website) or on mouse selection (as in use on “The (New) Guardian).


Access key generation for protecting TXP content/downloads

Lock content (pages, downloads) for a specified time or number of accesses so only visitors in possession of the correct key can view the resource


subscribe to articles comments

glg_subscribe_comments allows your visitors to subscribe to the discussion of an article.

It add a checkbox below the comment form. If the visitor check it when he comments, he will receive a notification every time a new comment is posted.

The plugin works well if you have the moderate_comments preference...


Enhance your feeds

atb_customize_feeds allows you to modify Textpattern’s article syndication feeds by creating a few new forms that are either parsed and appended to your feeds, or which replace article bodies and excerpts in feeds.

Possible uses include appending file enclosures to your feeds (for podcasts, for example), generating...


RSS parser plugin that takes and aggregate RSS feeds and outputs them as TxP articles

aks_rss is an RSS parser plugin that fetches RSS feeds and shows the latest feed content inside TxP articles. It is possible to fetch multiple feeds and aggregate the content in one output.


Inserts article images in feeds

This simple plugin adds the article image (if one is specified) to an RSS or Atom feed.

You can also change the code slightly to use the thumbnail instead of the full size image, or if you want the image before or after the body text.

csb_feed_image supports multiple images with...


Email subscription to comment

Subscribe to comments via email

  1. Someone writes a comment filing out their email
  2. They receive immediately a confirmation with a link that directly subscribes to future comment for that article
  3. Each time a new comment is posted they will receive an email notifying them about the new post and offering them a link for unsubscription.

Thats it, easy subscription, and easy unsubscription.


Customize format of feeds items

This plugin let you customize the format of your feeds items.

The “body” of the item is parsed from the “feed_item_body” form


display's image field of article in feed

Shows the article’s image field in the feed.


Friend Feed plugin

aao_friendfeed is a simple plugin to parse and display your last entries from friendfeed on your blog.

Works great on the sidebar!

Check the details on the textpattern forum’s


redirect your feed to other url

Be used to redirect your feed to other url.

It will be very useful if you are using some feed burn service like feedburner or feedsky.

You can redirect both RSS and ATOM feed, or just redirect one of them.

By default, Feedburner and Feedsky clients can see the...


Social Bookmarking Widget from addthis.com

lam_addthis (Social Bookmarking Widget from addthis.com)

If not done so already, you need to create a free account at addthis.com. It allows you to track your statistics and such.

This plugin creates a javascript-generated, compact bookmarking widget.

Covers the following:...


Set the header for any txp page

This plugin allows one to set the Content-Type header for any Txp page. This allows you to (for example) serve up a valid RSS feed from a standard page template.

Information page:


clean feed urls

This plugin extends Textpattern’s default Atom & RSS functionality to allow for /clean/feed/urls. Included with this plugin is the template tag ajw_clean_feed_link (detailed below), which is used for displaying feed links in your page templates.


Comments via RSS & Atom

This plugin extends Textpattern’s RSS & Atom functionality to allow for sitewide, section, category, or article comments feeds. It works exactly like normal feed urls and utilizes the “area” querystring variable, i.e. area=comments. The usage of other modifiers, such as...

SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern

Super-fast, easy-to-use RSS and Atom parsing, powered by SimplePie

SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern: a super-fast, easy-to-use RSS and Atom parser.


Parses RSS into TxP articles

bit_rss parses RSS feeds using SimplePie and outputs feed items as TxP articles so you can use article forms to control the output of this plugin.


Easy social bookmarking of your posts

ako_social, easy social bookmarking of your posts.

jfp_last23img plugin

jfp_last23img plugin

If you have an account on 23 you can use this plugin to display your last uploaded image. It uses MagpieRSS to read and parse some user’s feed and returns the HTLM needed to display his last uploaded image.


Passed as attributes...


Section driven meta-data, meta keywords, meta description

This plugin is for textpattern sites that are driven by sections. In order to use this you must take the oldest article of the section and use the ‘custom 1’ as your list of keywords and the ‘Excerpt’ textbox as a meta description. Now just call the following in the tags:


Pull in RSS Feeds from other sites

This plugin will display RSS feeds or Atom feeds with unbeatable style. This is because it uses Textpattern’s article forms – the default is “rss”. I have mine set up as:

<h3><txp:permlink><txp:title /></txp:permlink></h3>
<txp:excerpt />

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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