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xor_metatools 0.4.4

XOR MetaTools

XOR MetaTools can convert and display a variety of different string keywords into intelligible information,…


Display weather with international support

Show the image of the weather with international location support


Transforms a LaTeX expression to an image.

This plugin makes it easier to create images of formulas using mimetex in textpattern. Its…


Display weather from xoap

Display the weather directly on your website, with this plug-in.


Last Site Modified

Shows the date/time of the last update to your site.


Makes a nice ascii footer link to

Adds the Textpattern ascii banner from publish.php (in honour of the “silly men in tights announcing the arrival of textpattern with their silly trumpets”.

wom_wiki + wom_docit

A wiki plugin for TXP

I wrote a plugin (and a replacement for classTextile.php) to add wiki features to TXP. Full details in wom_wiki Suggestions are welcome but be polite, is my first approach to both textpattern plugins and PHP.


Strip html and php tags

Strips (X)HTML and PHP tags from its input.


Strip HTML

This plugin will strip all the HTML out of whatever was passed to it.


create a profile page

Creates a simple profile page with Name, Age, Picture and Description


Cuts a piece of text down to a string of specified length

This is a simple plugin to cut a string of text at a specified character limit, then add a string to the end, like ellipses.


Highlights the current article or current section.

This plugin highlights the current article or current section.


Reduces the incentive for comment spam.

Applies PR blocking to outgoing links, to reduce the incentive for comment spam.


adds error document support to TxP

sgb_error_documents adds error document handling to TxP. Currently the plugin supports two error codes, 403 Forbidden and 404 Not Found, more can easily be add. (Although this plugin was designed as a companion to sgb_url_handler it can be used by any plugin/hack.)


Transforms a txt-file to a nice code presentation

This plugin implements Dunstan’s ideas of code presentation Parameters file subtext sublinktext olclass Example tags…


Modify page title display

This plugin is for control of and flexible utilization of document titles. It is an enhancement to the <txp:page_title /> tag.


Random text from database or text file

Random Text grabs a random text string from either a database table or a text…


Syntax highlight code

Uses the GeSHi engine to prettily syntax highlight code on your TextPattern pages… see the…


Filter text

This plugin allows filters and other simple string calculations to be applied to arbitraty text.…


This plugin generates a Firefox button for your site based on those available on the…


Formatted contact cards redux

This plugin produces a list of authors and administrators for a site with additional contact…


Formatted contact cards

This plugin creates a formatted list of the authors and administrators for a Textpattern driven…


Pick an article to transform into a guestbook

A plugin that transforms an article into a guestbook. Main features are reverse ordering of…


Plugins Table Generator of plugins on your site

This plugin is quite simple; it will generate a list of the plugins you have currently installed on your Textpattern site.


Redirect for Textpattern URLs

301 redirect and 404 not found handler for Textpattern articles. Redirects browsers and search engine…

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