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Create and edit photo galleries

This combination plugin/hack allows one to create and edit photo galleries.


Turn your Textpattern installation into a Wiki

This hack and/or plugin lets you use WikiWords inside of TXP article’s or reference external links. The words refer to other TXP article’s. The words arn’t automatically created, like a real wiki, but any words that haven’t been setup are just disregarded.

Textpattern Gallery

Image gallery

Textpattern Gallery 1.21 basically gives you a Gallery with just one tag to enter but with alot of features if you need them.

btx_Admin Tabs

Beautified tabs in the admin area

This is a mod to change the style of the tabs in the admin area.

Plugin Restore

Restore plugins that were uninstalled

Dean was so kind as to add a field to hold the original plugin code, in addition to the current plugin code. I modified ./include/txp_plugin.php to expose this functionality.

zem_tpl Textpattern Plugin Template

An improved template for Textpattern plugins

An improved template for Textpattern plugins. zem_tpl is an improved template for Textpattern plugins. It’s…

Put comments anywhere on an article page

HowTo: Putting TXP Comments Anywhere on an Article Page

This is a dead easy hack to Textpattern that will let you have your comments anywhere on an article page—not just tacked onto the bottom of the text like the default behaviour.


XML-RPC for Textpattern

This is XML-RPC for Textpattern v1.0

Markdown with Textpattern

Start by downloading Michel Fortins PHP Markdown that is a ported version of John Grubers…

Live Textile-Formatted Comment Preview

In TextPattern when you click on an article and are presented with the ability to comment, the set of input boxes, text areas, and other items are generated by a simple “form” called comment_form. The idea is that …

QuikPik Admin Menu 3.0

The major highlight of QuikPik 3.0 is the ability to edit the menu’s style from within the Textpattern admin interface. In addition to styling the menu, you also have the ability to override the standard textpattern.css file.

File Upload

Allows uploading any file type in to TXP

This mod extends the admin interface by adding the ability to upload and manage any type of file.

Japanese-izing of Textpattern

Textpattern �日本語化

コンテンツ・マãƒ?ージメント・システム (CMS) ã?®ä¸€ã?¤ã?§ã?‚ã‚‹ Textpattern ã?®ç·¨é›†ç”»é?¢ã‚’日本語ã?«ã?—ã?¦ã?¿ã?¾ã?—ã?Ÿã€‚以下ã?¯ã??ã?®æ‰‹é †ã‚’ã?¾ã?¨ã‚?ã?Ÿã‚‚ã?®ã?§ã?™ã€‚Textpattern ã?«é–¢ã?—ã?¦ã?¯ã€?[TXP] Textpattern ã?¨ã?¯ ã‚’ã?”覧下ã?•ã?„。 Read the rest at the Information…

Clean feed URLs

This modification exists as a single file. It should be downloaded and renamed to ‘atom’…

Clean URLs in Textpattern

The URLs at my site follow the format suggested by Mamash in one of his…

Notepad Hack

Add a notepad to the admin panel

This hack/extension will add a ‘Notepad’ top-level tab to your admin interface and two subtabs (public/private). Every user — regardless of permissions level — has access to edit/view the public notepad. Each user also respectively has their own individual private notepad.

The Original QuikPik Hack

QuikPik Admin Menu

A reimplementation of the admin menu tabs using an HTML select list. The original is…

Author Highlighting in Textpattern

Apply a different style to the authors comments

A small change in comment.php to highlight the author in comments.

glx_image Admin Hack

Places links to easy create glx_image tags

This admin hack places links to create glx_image tags by the side of Textile / Textpattern / XHTML in the image section of the admin.

The final output will look like glx_img® / glx_img(l) / glx_img© / glx_img(sa) and when clicking on for example glx_img© a popup shows up with quicklinks to different glx_image tags with different attributes.

Moderate Comments After

Old comments become moderated.

Comment spam is annoying and happens more for older posts, but disabling commenting on older…

Centralized Acronyms Mod

Adds a centralized list of acronyms

These are the changes required to allow a centralized list of acronyms to be maintained and automatically substitued in any Textile parsed text. A new sub-tab will be added to the Content tab that allows for adding/deleting/editing acronyms. This mod is an extension of greenrift’s Automatic Acronym mod. This mod assumes that you already have greenrif’s mod already installed. If you do not, then install that mod first. Directions are linked on the textpattern forum.

Installing Gravatars

TextPattern Hack for adding Gravatars to your Textpattern site

From the Gravatar implementor’s guide, here’s how to get Gravatars working on your site. (A…

Gravatars, and how not to show them

The basic implementation instructions don’t mention how to not display the gravatar for those commenters…

QuikPik Admin Menu Hack 2.5

A reimplementation of the admin menu tabs using ALA’s Suckerfish Dropdowns including many handy shortcuts.…

A Better Textpattern Search

By default, TXP search results are displayed in the “default” page template, inside the <txp:article…

Admin Interface Restyled

Textpattern Administrative Interface Restyled

Textpattern Administrative Interface Restyled, by Philippe Wittenbergh Because there ain’t much to do on…

Mod Self Register

Allow for self-registration

This mod allows a site to have users register themselves to be authors and post…

Hacking the Txp Comment System

Alter comments form, including Live Preview instructions

Purpose of this hack: Change the recorded comments to display as <div>’s rather than <li>’s,…

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