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Clean URLs in Textpattern

The URLs at my site follow the format suggested by Mamash in one of his older posts in the textpattern forum, with some slight variation. Basically, a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) at my site has the form, where X is the page number. If the user is browsing by category, but not in a particular section, then the section becomes ’-’, so the URL would be something like The reason for using a dash as opposed to a word, like ‘category’, is that this may suggest that ‘category’ is a section of the site, which is it not.

The page can be ommited, as can the category, as can the section. Here are some example URLs from my site.—second page of the default section—the first page of the category webdesign—the third page of the life category in the immaculate section

The trick to cleaner URLs is cleaning up the paging links, and cleaning up the links to articles in a particular category. Once these generated URLs are cleaned up, we will use a .htaccess file to convert the clean URLs back to messy URLs that textpattern can understand.

More information is available at the Information URL below.

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April 29, 2004 ?
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17 Dec 2004

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