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Summary adi_webhook provides a mechanism to easily implement webhooks on Textpattern websites. It waits for…

Multi-Lingual Publishing Pack

Easily build multi-lingual sites using textpattern!

The MLP Pack is an extension pack for Textpattern that allows you to easily build and maintain multi-lingual websites and manage translations.

Automatic Acronyms

Enhances acronym handling

Automatically convert common acronyms like XML, HTML, TXP without having to define them via the ACRO method. You can still define your own acronym’s.


Turn your Textpattern installation into a Wiki

This hack and/or plugin lets you use WikiWords inside of TXP article’s or reference external links. The words refer to other TXP article’s. The words arn’t automatically created, like a real wiki, but any words that haven’t been setup are just disregarded.

Centralized Acronyms Mod

Adds a centralized list of acronyms

These are the changes required to allow a centralized list of acronyms to be maintained and automatically substitued in any Textile parsed text. A new sub-tab will be added to the Content tab that allows for adding/deleting/editing acronyms. This mod is an extension of greenrift’s Automatic Acronym mod. This mod assumes that you already have greenrif’s mod already installed. If you do not, then install that mod first. Directions are linked on the textpattern forum.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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