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This combination plugin/hack allows one to create and edit photo galleries. Similiar to Gallery or Pictoralis. When you browse through my “Photos” section, you are seeing Albumpattern in action.

Right now it doesn’t have a lot of functionality, but the basic stuff is handles well. Future versions will include easier image manipulation, comments, and stuff I don’t even know about yet!

Please, bear in mind that this is a testing release. It may contain bugs, but it shouldn’t destroy your TXP install. The hacks to the original source are only two small additions to add an “album” tab. Please e-mail me if you find any bugs, so version 1.0 can be awesome.

Installation instructions are included in the ZIP file, please read “Documentation.html” at the Information URL below. Also, additional help may be found at the Forum URL below.

This new version is leaps and bounds better than old one, the only feature I plan to add (besides bug fixes) is bulk image uploading. Please provide me with any bugs you can

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23 Mar 2005

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