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Clean feed URLs

This modification exists as a single file. It should be downloaded and renamed to ‘atom’ or ‘rss’, and reside in your desired directory with all of your other extensionless files. No modifications are needed to the file.

There are only a two small weaknesses that I can think of with this current version. First, it makes 1-2 additional database queries than the rss.php and atom.php if you’re requesting a section and a category. Second, it’ll become confused if you’re using categories and sections of the same name (something you really should avoid anyways).

So here are several example URLs:

  • (limit of 999 articles)
  • (limit of 5 links)
  • (section ‘photo’ limit of 50)

Read the rest at the Information URL below.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
27 November 2004
Posted here:
17 Dec 2004

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