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Textpattern Gallery

Textpattern Gallery 1.21 basically gives you a Gallery with just one tag to enter but with alot of features if you need them.

Currently there is only one variante of the Gallery but it will in the future support different types of displaying images.

As for now it works with JS which is not depending on any clean or messy URL notation. And for thoose of you wanting the pictures to be loadable without JS it works too. The current display routine is based on: JavaScript Image Gallery by Jeremy Keith

It is quite elegant because it uses a descriptionContainer and a imageContainer that get filled with the data the moment you click on a imageLink in the list.


  • supports queries on Images by Author and/or Category
  • Lets you sort the List.
  • pass your own image ID
  • pass your own descriptionID
  • autogenerates thoose containers for you if needed.

Usage Examples:

<txp:gallery />
Outputs all images found!
<txp:gallery category="privat" />
Outputs all images found from category “privat”.
<txp:gallery category="privat" limit="10" />
Outputs all images found from category “privat” and limits list to 10.
<txp:gallery imageID="mycontainer" />
replaces Image identified by imageID with the Galleryimage
<txp:gallery imageID="mycontainer" descID="myparagrah" />
replaces Image identified by imageID with the Galleryimage and fills the paragraph identified by descID with Imagecaption

I still didn’t get the time to fix some minors but heres a quick howto:

  • create a new image category
  • Upload some images and fill out Alt text & description
  • assign each picture to your new category
  • insert a <txp:gallery category="NAME HERE" /> call into one of your articels.

Your done

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28 March 04
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23 Mar 2005

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