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zem_tpl Textpattern Plugin Template

An improved template for Textpattern plugins.
zem_tpl is an improved template for Textpattern plugins. It’s intended mainly for use with the PHP command line client, though it will work fine running on a web server.


  1. Help text is in Textile format
  2. No need to escape quotes in your code
  3. Plugin code syntax will be checked at compile time
  4. Works with syntax-highlighting text editors

The package contains two files, zem_tpl.php and zem_plugin.php.

zem_tpl.php contains the code to compile plugins into the format required by the Textpattern plugin installer. zem_plugin.php is the template itself. Make a copy of this file and edit it to write your plugin.

Typical use, at the command line:

$ cp zem_plugin.php abc_myplugin.php
[edit abc_myplugin.php]
$ php abc_myplugin.php > abc_myplugin-0.1.txt

abc_myplugin-0.1.txt is the finished plugin, ready to install.

In order to use Textile in the help section, classTextile.php must be in the include_path. The simplest way to ensure this is to copy it to the current directory.

Alternatively, both classTextile.php and zem_tpl.php may be placed elsewhere in the include_path.

Download tar.gz or zip

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20 January 2005
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23 Mar 2005

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