Content last modified Tuesday 24 August 2021
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Admin Panel Image Sorting

Image Sorting in the Admin Panel

A modification that allows one to sort by category or article id as well as the standard sorting options on the image tab of your admin panel.

mdp_automatic_randt mod

Automatic Resize & Thumbnails

TXP Hack to automatically create thumbnails from uploaded JPEG’s


Create and edit photo galleries

This combination plugin/hack allows one to create and edit photo galleries.

Textpattern Gallery

Image gallery

Textpattern Gallery 1.21 basically gives you a Gallery with just one tag to enter but with alot of features if you need them.

glx_image Admin Hack

Places links to easy create glx_image tags

This admin hack places links to create glx_image tags by the side of Textile / Textpattern / XHTML in the image section of the admin.

The final output will look like glx_img® / glx_img(l) / glx_img© / glx_img(sa) and when clicking on for example glx_img© a popup shows up with quicklinks to different glx_image tags with different attributes.

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