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This is XML-RPC for Textpattern v1.0

  1. Full MarsEdit support – no more errors when trying to get the most recent posts! No more errors at all! (That I’ve found)
  2. Fixed metaWeblog implementation – you can now use it rather than the MovableType API if you want
  3. Improved category handling on both APIs – by that, I mean they (should) work!

Obviously, I might have missed some bugs, so if you find any, please let me know in the comments below.

To install XRT, download the 10Kb ZIP file (link below). Extract the contents of the zip file into your Textpattern directory then upload to your server.

Simply point your chosen blog client towards http://[yoursite]/textpattern/xmlrpcs.php to use XRT. MarsEdit users will have to enter the name of the section you want to post to as the Blog ID, i.e. “blog”, “articles”, etc.

Update 28/01/05
A small bug sneaked its way into v1.0, that affects the MetaWeblog API. To fix, change lines 326 and 430 to the following:
$incoming['Annotate'] = ($entry['mt_allow_comments']) ? $entry['mt_allow_comments'] : 1;

Version 1.1 will be out in a few days and will contain this fix, amongst others.

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Initially released:
23rd January 2005
Posted here:
21 Mar 2005

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