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Textpattern plugin decoder

ort_plugindecode.php is a script that allows you to decode a Textpattern plugin in order to get a source .php file you can edit and modify and then compile using the standard zem_tpl.

It has three different modes: textpattern plugin adds an easy to use tab to the administrative interface of Textpattern, command line mode works from the command line (just like zem_tpl does). Web mode works in a php enabled web server and you can invoke it from a standard browser.

Plugin Restore

Restore plugins that were uninstalled

Dean was so kind as to add a field to hold the original plugin code, in addition to the current plugin code. I modified ./include/txp_plugin.php to expose this functionality.

zem_tpl Textpattern Plugin Template

An improved template for Textpattern plugins

An improved template for Textpattern plugins. zem_tpl is an improved template for Textpattern plugins. It’s…

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