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Quickly pull articles out of the page flow and show them on the home/landing pages

Pimp articles on your front / landing pages without fuss. Click the article(s), assign optional label/description text and hit Save. Plugin tags then allow you to show the articles out of their normal context — usually on your home page.


Abbreviate titles


adi_title will output an abbreviated version of an article’s title.


You can use <txp:adi_title /> in place of the standard <txp:title />.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look


Automatically generate magazine-style pullquotes from article text.

Automatically generate magazine-style pull quotes from your article content.


Automatic Article Excerpts

The rss_auto_excerpt plugin automatically displays article excerpts even if an excerpt has not been saved with an article. If for some articles you have defined an excerpt, your own excerpt will be displayed rather than the auto-generated excerpt.

There are 3 different options for auto-generating the excerpt from the...


Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt

This plugin automatically generates excerpts from the body of each article based on attributes you provide. Attributes include, length of excerpt, text of a “read more” link, the css class applied to a span that wraps around this link, the format of the link (inside or outside the paragraph), and the name of a custom field to use to specify the “read more” link.


Textile setting for excerpts

Toggle default Textile setting for excerpts.


Excerpt generation of first X number of words in body

Generates an excerpt based on the body text with tags removed, or the excerpt, if it exists.


Tests if the excerpt is empty or if it is not empty

This plugin lets you test if there is anything in the excerpt or not.


Meta description and keywords tags

Thought it would be neat to have the use of the meta description and keywords tags in the had section again...the whole semantic web and all, you know. So I made my first plugin:

The tag <txp:jad_metadata /> goes in the HEAD section, and uses the excerpt for the meta-description tag and a...


Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt

Provides the <txp:beginning /> tag allowing automatic excerpt generation from article body based on length attribute

I think there have been a few other plugins that will automatically create an excerpt (in fact one was just posted), but this one is a little different. Instead of including the first few words of...

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