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Category-ordered list


  • adi_title
    · Adi, 12 Aug 2008
    Abbreviate titles
  • beginning
    · philipashlock, 20 Jan 2008
    Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt
  • cnj_excerpt_logic
    · Caleb Jaffa, 2 Nov 2006
    Tests if the excerpt is empty or if it is not empty
  • jad_metadata
    · Joel Dueck, 2 Nov 2006
    Meta description and keywords tags
  • kgr_safe_excerpt
    · Kurt Raschke, 12 Aug 2007
    Excerpt generation of first X number of words in body
  • pfa_beginning
    · philipashlock, 2 Nov 2006
    Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt
  • rss_auto_excerpt
    · Rob Sable, 16 Aug 2007
    Automatic Article Excerpts
  • smd_featured
    · Stef Dawson, 2 Dec 2011
    Quickly pull articles out of the page flow and show them on the home/landing pages
  • smd_pullquote
    · Stef Dawson, 11 Apr 2009
    Automatically generate magazine-style pullquotes from article text.
  • upm_textile_toggle
    · Mary Fredborg, 24 Jan 2013
    Textile setting for excerpts

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