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Create a calender with upcoming articles

This is a small evolution of the great rss_suparchive plugin by Rob Sable allowing you to view events/articles/etc. in archive list form using the rss_suparchive options, however this plugin only shows items from the current timestamp and on into the future, instead of using the default TXP way of only displaying articles from now into the past.


Display the date (and author) of the last modification to an article

This plugin uses the same syntax as <txp:posted /> but outputs the last-modified date instead.…


Upcoming Events List

Creates a list of future, live articles.


Produces a calendar interface to live articles

mdp_Calendar allows you to create a calendar of live articles for a certain month. The…


Format dates without leading zeroes

This tag, &lt;txp:gaw_iiiDate /&gt; simply removes leading zeroes from a posted date.


Posted date with time zone format support

A replacement for the Textpattern <txp:posted /> tag that understands time zones. <txp:zem_posted /> is…


Date shows once per day rather than for each article

Have the date print once per day rather than for every article Provides date aware…


Show posted-date only if different from previous

This plugin makes it possible to show custom-formatted posted-date only if the output would be different from the previously outputted date.


A Time Since generator

It takes a certain date specified in parts (i. e. year, month, hour etc.) and…

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