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Use cookies in through Textpattern markup

this plugin deals with cookies the Textpattern way. It is works almost in the same…


Hide text when Txp tags return no output

This tag may be used to determine whether some contained Txp tags output any data, allowing the conditional output of accompanying static markup, like a header or a “no articles found” message.


If comment preview

One-line conditional plugin whose contents only appear if the user is on a comment preview…


conditional statements for GET variables

a plugin that lets you condition parts of the page depending on GET variables transferred…


Category conditional

This plugin was formerly mdm_if_category and has since been adopted as gho_if_category.


Conditional on Article ID

This Checks if the current article matches the given IDs. Usage There are 2 Methods:…


Conditionally include enclosed text based on the user agent of the browser viewing the page.

ako_ifBrowser, conditionally include enclosed text based on the user agent of the browser viewing the page.


Display a notice if a section has been updated

I created this plugin for a class website with a section that does not often…


if_individual_article and if_article_list replacements

tcm_if provides tags to replace the <txp:if_individual_article> and <txp:if_article_list> tags, for those having problems with those built-in conditionals.


Conditional plugin displays code if there is an article image specified.

This plugin will output the contained text if there is an article image.


Conditional on section

ob1_if_section is a conditional that supports multiple sections to be set and the use of negate. The negate code are a re-write from the one used in mattmoss’ mdm_if_category plugin.


Conditional tags on comment cookie

This plugin allows you to display certain information about comments only to those users who don’t have the comment cookie set, i.e. who are likely to be first-time visitors.


Tests if the excerpt is empty or if it is not empty

This plugin lets you test if there is anything in the excerpt or not.


General purpose conditional statement

Basically this is a general purpose if / else if / else tag that can be applied on already existing plugins and functions.


11 conditional tags

This plugin comes with 11 different conditional tags. glx_if_frontpage If we are on the websites…


Display content every n-th step

<txp:zem_nth> conditionally displays content every “n-th” step. Example uses: Alternate or cycle colours and…


Passes content conditional on category

This plugin is used as such: <txp:mdm_if_category category="..."> stuff goes here </txp:mdm_if_category> The category attribute…


Conditional to execute code if or not a field is empty

It’s a simple function that checks to see if an entry field (title, body, excerpt, category1, category2 or image) contains data. If the if_not empty tag is used and the field contains data, the code between the open and close tags is executed, and if the field is empty the code is ignored. There is also an if_empty tag, which obviously does the opposite.


Allows for the conditional display of data based on the article author.


Custom field conditionals

This plugin provides a number of conditional tests for custom fields.


Passes content conditional on specified sections

You give it a section=“sectionname” parameter and if you have a match, the enclosed text…

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