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Expansion on permalinks

<txp:zem_link> creates links. It works as a replacement for txp:permlink, and it can also be used to create direct links to articles and pages. <txp:zem_link>linktext</txp:zem_link>

In an article form, works the same as txp:permlink

<txp:zem_link title="permanent link...


Custom article list plugin

The chh_article_custom plugin is an enhanced replacement for txp:article_custom and txp:article, offering features like context-sensitive operation, support for multiple categories/sections, hierarchical category searching, and advanced date/time selection.


Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt

Provides the <txp:beginning /> tag allowing automatic excerpt generation from article body based on length attribute

I think there have been a few other plugins that will automatically create an excerpt (in fact one was just posted), but this one is a little different. Instead of including the first few words of...


Passes content conditional on specified sections

You give it a section=“sectionname” parameter and if you have a match, the enclosed text is output. Also supports notsection. May contain textpattern plugins.

Visit the forum link for more information.


Section Aware Recent Comments

Permits a listing of comments by section. The current recent_comments tag will list comments from all sections, which you may not want.

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