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Redirect visitors based on referrel site

Redirect your known visitors to a specific section of your website.


Enhanced Page Tab

This plugin is an enhancement to the standard TXP Page templates tab to give you:

  • an indication which sections are using the current page template (i.e. the ones that are greyed out)
  • the ability to assign the current page to a new section (select one of the non-greyed out sections &...


Custom sorting of sections

Textpattern 4.5+ required. Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Is this a section front page?

Similar to the glx_if_frontpage tag from the no-longer-supported glx_if plugin


Overrides the default language for specific sections

This plugin allows you to globally override the default language of your Textpattern installation for some specific sections. You can use any installed language for any section, but you can only use one language per section.


Author bio/profile section plus glue to continue using built-in author functionality

Link author names to a section containing an article per author, much like bos_author, but also provides some extra behind-the-scenes glue between author sections and article searches by author name.


Creates a CSS friendly ul-based section list with optional first and active css classes on li and a tags.

Creates a CSS friendly ul-based section list with optional first and active css classes on li and a tags.


Section hierarchy, section menu and breadcrumb trail

Once installed and activated, you’ll get:

  • a new tab under Presentation, to set up the hierarchy
  • two new tags:
    • <txp:adi_menu /> to output the section menu markup
    • <txp:adi_menu_breadcrumb /> to output a breadcrumb trail



adds accordion effect to section list in admin area

yah yah i know, boo accordion boo web 2.0 etc.!

just did this as a request from this thread

basically, just adds your typical accordion effect to section list in admin area. might help those who have a LOT of sections.


Subsection Plugin

This is a section hierarchy / subsection plugin.

Download version 0.3.10: http://www.cnowak.de/works/txp_plugins/cnk_section_tree_v0.3.10.txt
Download compressed 0.3.10:

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