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Once installed and activated, you’ll get:

  • a new tab under Presentation, to set up the hierarchy
  • two new tags:
    • <txp:adi_menu /> to output the section menu markup
    • <txp:adi_menu_breadcrumb /> to output a breadcrumb trail

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look online.


  • ability to create a section hierarchy
  • a CSS class assigned to sections that had children
  • the active section to always be rendered as a link
  • output lean markup
  • the ability to clone a parent section as a subsection
  • section sorting
  • no conflict with other plugins

Basic menu markup:

By assigning parents to sections in the adi_menu admin tab, a section hierarchy can be created.

For example:

  • A
  • B
    • B1
    • B2
  • C
    • C1
  • D

will be rendered as:

<ul id="mainmenu" class="section_list">
   <li class="menuparent">B
   <li class="menuparent">C

Note that:

  • by default adi_menu will output a link to the ‘default’ section, which again by default is named “Home’ (this behaviour can be modified using adi_menu tag attributes)
  • for clarity, I’ve omitted the link markup.

Other features include:

  • ability to include articles within the menu
  • separate sub-menus
  • speaking blocks
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15 jul 2008
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16 Jul 2008

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