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Google-like pagination for articles and other lists.

Based on the orphaned ob1_pagination plugin, etc_pagination inherits most of its features and adds the possibility to fully customize its output.


Recent Items

adi_recent_tab is designed to speed up workflow – especially during website construction. The Recent dropdown…


Create custom admin-side menu structures and populate with content from Pages

Ease your clients’ workflow by creating additional menu tabs/hierarchies and populating them with content from TXP Pages/Stylesheets.


A navigation management plugin

yab_navigation – A navigation management plugin


Page counting and navigation widgets

Display page navigation widgets and information for article list pages


Chop long articles into smaller paged pieces at some text/tags of your choosing.

Automatically cut long articles into smaller pieces at custom points or on particular (X)HTML tags.


Navigate beyond the conventional TXP article structure; multiple sections, future articles, the works

Leave the boundaries of TXP’s next/previous article and walk through your articles however you like: across sections; by author; by category; using article_image or custom field navigation; future articles; pretty much anything you can think up.


Multiple-page documents

A system for assembling, managing, and creating navigation elements for multi-page articles.

wet_haystack: Add additional fields to full-text search

Custom fulltext search index builder

Add more fields to the fulltext search index
Textpattern’s full text index uses the articles’ body and title contents to find proper matches for site-internal searches.
wet_haystack is a plugin for Textpattern CMS which allows site publishers to modify this default behaviour by adding additional article fields to the set of indexed content.


Weighted list of popular categories

A plugin for producing weighted lists of popular article categories that can be styled using CSS to take on the appearance of a category cloud. It’s based on the work of Mirko Jost.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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