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Section and Category Pull-down Menus

Create article pull-down menus, by section or category.

Creating a pull-down menu (also known as a “jump” or “select” or popup menu) of…

Display Section Title

The original contents of this tip are outdated, and no longer necessary. See the section…


Conditional on section

ob1_if_section is a conditional that supports multiple sections to be set and the use of negate. The negate code are a re-write from the one used in mattmoss’ mdm_if_category plugin.


Section renaming and management pluginSection renaming and management plugin

Textpattern names sections in a rather simplistic way and has no ability to add meta information such as link titles, ids, or descriptions. Also, since it names sections based on disk directories, it needs a way to associate a more human readable name with a given section.


Section Menu

Creates a menu from your sections.


Displays a list of all articles in a section

djw_section_articles will spit out a list of links to all of the articles in the current section.


Returns url of article; also for a pulldown menu of articles by section

This plugin is no longer needed, this ability is now supported by the built-in tag,…


Default Section PermaLinks

I need to generate matching permalinks for my TextPattern installation. This is just a bit…


Section linking

This plugin creates a link back to the current section, without needing to know what…


Section override

This plugin modifies the sectional context for an enclosed block of code. This was an…

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