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Control your admin fields on a per-section basis

Currently allows you to define your custom fields on a per-section basis (from the presentation > sections tab.)


Adaptable 2-Level Navigation-Menu with Highlighting

This plugin tries to accomplish the following: Building a 2-Level Navigation-Menue using a single TXP-tag.…


semi-smart tag that links sections to specified feed links.

semi-smart tag that links sections to specified feed links.


Display information about your Textpattern sections

The tsw_sec_list plugin is a simple plugin to display information about the sections defined in…


Simple customizable sections navigation menu

Creates a custom navigation menu based on Textpattern sections and/or full external URL’s.


Tagging support

An advanced (but easy to use) tagging plugin, originally based on ran_tags, but with many improvements, bugfixes, and security enhancements. It has the usual tagging features (listing tags for an article, tag clouds, listing articles for a tag), and it allows you to use standard Textpattern conventions like wraptag / break / class. It is smart about future-dated and “draft” articles, and doesn’t show tags from them. It has clean URL support without modifying .htaccess. It includes tags in RSS / Atom feeds. It shows tags on the admin-side when writing/editing articles. It has admin-side tag maintenance and redirection features.

xor_sectiontools 0.2.0

XOR Section Tools

The XOR SectionTools plugin for TextPattern features several powerful tools for handling sections and categories…


Display a notice if a section has been updated

I created this plugin for a class website with a section that does not often…


Display section title

This plugin is no longer needed, as this ability is now supported by the built-in…


Section driven meta-data, meta keywords, meta description

This plugin is for textpattern sites that are driven by sections. In order to use this you must take the oldest article of the section and use the ‘custom 1’ as your list of keywords and the ‘Excerpt’ textbox as a meta description. Now just call the following in the tags:

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