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This PlugIn allows you to insert elements generated by ItemStats for World-of-Warcraft to your articles. It takes advantage of the actual ItemStats-Library provided for (ex.g.) EqDKP and may therefore be considered a port by certain people.

For this PlugIn you need to upload ItemStats to your webserver. If you have it allready installed on your server you may skip this step.
I advice to create a PlugIn-Directory in your Textpattern-root where you can install ItemStats. Download ItemStats Version 1.5.1 Core from the ItemStats Homepage. Extract and upload it to the PlugIn-directory mentioned above. You should now have it installed in a directory like /txp/plugins/itemstats/ on your webserver.
Now you have to setup ItemStats. Read through config.txt to figure out what you have to do to make it fly.

Afterwards you have to install this very PlugIn the usual Textpattern-style. Now start configuration-steps.

If your ItemStats-Installation has been put into the PlugIns-Directory, there is pretty much nothing you have to care about. However, if its not you have to adapt one of the PlugIns variables:

// Setup path to ItemStats<br> $itemstats_path = "/plugins/itemstats/";

Notice that you have to change slashes (/) to escaped backslashes (\\) if you are running Textpattern on a windows-plattform.

Now you have to implement Itemstats’ CSS-formats and Overlib. This is being done within one of your pages (Admin > Pages) where you have to add the following HTML-part to the &lt;head&gt; section of your site:

&lt;link rel="stylesheet" href="/plugins/itemstats/templates/itemstats.css" type="text/css"\&gt;<br> &lt;script type="text/javascript" src="/plugins/itemstats/overlib/overlib.js"&gt;&lt;!-- overLIB (c) Erik Bosrup --&gt;&lt;/script&gt;

Once again, if you have changed the location of your Itemstats-Installation you have to adapt the pathes used in there.

How to use
Inserting a parsed item to one of your articles is pretty simple:

&lt;txp:kbk_itemstats name="Red Dragonscale Protector" /&gt;

As you may guess the attribute name has to contain the items name which is to be parsed. This argument is obligatory! It will produce a colored text that, once hovered with the mouse-curse, has an overlay containing the items stats.
If you prefer to have an image instead of text, just use the following code:

&lt;txp:kbk_itemstats name="Red Dragonscale Protector" type="icon" /&gt;

This will draw an image that has the same overlay. You can change the icons size by adding yet another option:

&lt;txp:kbk_itemstats name="Red Dragonscale Protector" type="icon" size="60" /&gt;

Default-size of icons is set to 40.

0.4: First public release.

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28 Aug 2007

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