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Molding Textpattern XML Feeds

As I was building this site and turned my attention to the RSS and Atom feeds that Textpattern generates, I found them to be pretty flexible. Out of the box, you can generate and send:

  • feeds of all available articles
  • feeds of all available links
  • feeds of articles or links filtered by section
  • feeds of articles or links filtered by category
  • feeds of articles or links filtered by section and category

For article feeds, you have the option to display either full articles or excerpts. In my site’s journal section, I use the excerpt for the article summary on the landing page and the full text for the article itself. Being such, I thought it would be good to offer feeds for both the excerpts and the full articles. Twenty minutes and a small bit of hackery later, I had it down. Here’s how I did it.

Have it both ways
Note: The following mods were performed on Textpattern 1.0rc1

There are 2 files that you’ll have to edit in order to get your choice full or summarized feeds. They are:

These are the files that generate your XML feeds and as they are quite similar in function and structure, once you make the changes in one file, it’s a piece of cake to apply them to the other.

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21 January 05
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31 Mar 2005

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