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Display information about your Textpattern sections

The tsw_sec_list plugin is a simple plugin to display information about the sections defined in…


Find changes you made to installed plugins

Have you ever edited any of the plugins you have installed? If so, then rvm_plugin_diff is meant for you.

This plugin helps you do the following:

  • Find the changes you made (color diff, inspired by dev.textpattern.com).
  • Download the changes in unified diff format (a patch which can be sent to the plugin developer).
  • View the plugin code with line numbers at the beginning of each line, so you can find errors easier.


20 minute delayed stock quotes

An easy to use plugin that adds 20 minute delayed stock quotes to your weblog.


Google Hilite Plugin

Google Hiliting Plugin based on Dean Allen’s Mod.

Built with TextPattern v.4.0.4.


Easily view your plugin's help section

Tired of the tedious work-flow needed when writing and checking the help section of your plugins?

This plugin can slash the time it takes to go through the cycle.

Textpattern Plugin Anatomy

A PHP developer's guide to writing Textpattern plugins

Textpattern Plugin Anatomy is a detailed tutorial on developing Textpattern plugins.


create, edit, export, import plugins in the admin panel

Create new plugins right in the admin interface and edit any plugin data; List and…


Decodes a TXP plugin.

Decodes a TXP plugin. Used to view a plugin before installing.


Generates list of your installed plugins

Generates a definition list of your installed plugins instead of a table. This may be good for people who were trying to display the table in a very narrow space.


Txp Plugin Template for Developers

The original Textpattern plugin template.

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