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TXP's gTxt strings displayed in their original places on TXP's admin UI

Switch Textpatterns admin language to TXP’s core text strings aka gTxt_strings and see them all in place.

TextPattern Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet in PNG or PDF of all TXP tags

This is simple Cheatsheet that describes all TXP tags. For ver 4.0.5 PNG 112kB PDF…

Custom RSS Feeds

Move beyond Textpattern's feed functionality

All other factors aside, Wordpress still has one up on Textpattern for custom RSS feeds – a function with quite a lot of potential. Textpattern doesn’t technically offer this capability, but it’s fairly simple to construct an alternative.

Read the full writeup…

How to transmit arbitrary information with zem_contact

zem_contact is a plugin which extends Textpattern with a set of custom tags supporting email contact forms.

How to transmit arbitrary information with zem_contact introduces some of the inner workings of that plugin, and how to use it for more than just transferring a visitor’s name and address.

Tags in Tags (or, precisely, tags as other tags' attributes)

A simple approach in three reproducible steps

Textpattern fails to decode arrangements requiring one Textpattern tag to deliver the value of another tag’s attribute.

A dash of PHP plus a simple three step how-to help to slash this Gordian Knot.

TextMate Bundle for Textpattern

TMBundle for Textpattern

Contains now 86 Bundle Items as of version 0.7 beta , which include also some more commands and snippets, this should give you ample possibilities to poke out many different workflow strategies and code with style and finesse your favorite Textpattern Templates.

Admin Panel Image Sorting

Image Sorting in the Admin Panel

A modification that allows one to sort by category or article id as well as the standard sorting options on the image tab of your admin panel.

Textpattern Plugin Anatomy

A PHP developer's guide to writing Textpattern plugins

Textpattern Plugin Anatomy is a detailed tutorial on developing Textpattern plugins.

Advanced Sort By

Not happy with article and article_custom's sort by features? Roll your own.

The “sortby” attribute is a direct interface to the database language SQL. That means you have all the sort power in the world.

Online Plugin Packaging Tool

Online Textpattern Plugin Packaging Tool

A tool to package your Textpattern plugins.

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