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The tsw_sec_list plugin is a simple plugin to display information about the sections defined in your Textpattern system.

tsw_sec_list allows you to display each section name or title as a hyperlink with a corresponding hyperlinked image, or any combination of the two. If you just want a listing of each section, you can do that. If you just want to display an image for each section you can do that too. Or you can display both the section text and an image. If you select to include an image, the image file must be named the same as the section, except in all lowercase (e.g. Section name: Books, Image name: books.png).

tsw_sec_list also allows you to sort your sections by name or by title, and you can choose to omit any sections from the output. If you include the ‘default’ section you can also choose to rename it and/or pop it to the front of your list of sections. (For example, this comes in handy when you want to rename the default section to ‘Home’, but also want it to come first in your list of sections for easier navigation.) Please see the help documentation for a description of all the features and attributes.

Update: version 0.4.1 now includes the ability to specify a separate class attribute for the current section.

Update: version 0.5 now includes the ability to display either the name or the title of each section, instead of just the name. This version also includes the ability to specify a list of sections that will be excluded from the output.

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05 Dec 2006

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