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Batch enable/disable Textpattern plugins with one click of a button

wet_plugout is a plugin for Textpattern which allows the site administrator to disable all active…


Tag iTunes/iBooks/App Store links with affiliate IDs to earn commissions.

This plug-in will update appropriate URLs with versions tagged with your iTunes Affiliate Program affiliate…

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Library

GroupDocs HTML5 Document Viewer (.NET / ASP.NET Version) This plugin is developed to allow TextPattern…


Compare Two Documents Online This plugin allows you to seamlessly install and use the GroupDocs’…


Prizm Cloud Embedded Document Viewer

Description Prizm Cloud is a document viewer that enables you to display hundreds of different…


Global variables

This is an easy way of getting hold of TXP global variables. Just specify the…


Does a little house cleaning on new Textpattern installations.

Allows you to quickly cleanup the default content on your new Textpattern installations.

Additionally allows you to install plugins, script other changes to the preferences and configure the presentation layer.


Integrate Piwik Web Analytics with the Textpattern Administration console

Replaces the standard Textpattern Visitor Logs with your Piwik Dashboard.


Facebook Page wall

The Facebook Link plugin pulls and displays a specified Facebook Page wall posts into the…


Deluxe installer (currently for plugins only)

Simply browse the textpattern.org-website and click the shiny “install”-button instead of the tired old "download…

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