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Plugins' tables manager

This plugin is designed to help users of plugins that require them to create new tables in the database.

Some plugins need to create additional tables in the Textpattern database. Some of them (like this one) care to create and remove their own tables, however, some plugins give the user one or more text files with the commands required for MySQL to create the tables needed.

In these cases, the user is forced to use the mysql command line or the phpmyadmin tool in order to create the tables.

This plugin, although somehow still raw, is (hopefully) a simpler way to create tables for this kind of plugin.


Textpattern plugin decoder

ort_plugindecode.php is a script that allows you to decode a Textpattern plugin in order to get a source .php file you can edit and modify and then compile using the standard zem_tpl.

It has three different modes: textpattern plugin adds an easy to use tab to the administrative interface of Textpattern, command line mode works from the command line (just like zem_tpl does). Web mode works in a php enabled web server and you can invoke it from a standard browser.


mah_category_array: Returns array of non-empty article categories.


Library function that returns an array of non-empty “article”, “link”, “image”, or “file” categories.

zem_contact_lang-de: Deutsche Übersetzung für zem_contact

Deutschsprachige Texte für zem_contact

zem_contact_lang-de ist eine deutschsprachige Übersetzung der Texte, die in zem_contact benötigt werden. zem_contact ist ein…


get the number of your current Feedsubscribers via Feedburner-API

htn_feedstats is a plugin to get the number of your current Feedsubscribers via the Feedburner-API. The plugin has a build-in caching-function to preserve your server-performance.


Restore modified plugins

Restore modified plugins to their original contents.


Implements smart "digg this" button in article

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an <notextile><txp:mta_digg_it /></notextile> tag which will embed a smart, JavaScript “Digg This” button (with submit capability) in your article. The first time someone clicks on the “Digg This” button, they’ll be brought to digg.com’s link submission page with most of the information about the link already filled out (you can provide more or less information using various attributes). Any subsequent clicks will be brought to digg.com to “digg” the article.


Automatic Plugin Installer

The rss_pluginstaller plugin is a new way to install and update all of the Textpattern…


Display a plugin's "help" contents

The tsw_help_display plugin is a simple plugin to display the help contents of a specified…


tag to replace article_id tag to return ID or URL title

A Textpattern plug-in that adds an mta_article_id tag which is intended as a replacement for the built-in article_id tag and extends it to optionally return the “URL title” instead of the numerical “id” of the article.

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