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Flat theme management plugin for Textpattern

This plugin makes your Textpattern CMS database more flat, manageable and editable. Edit templates, forms,…


All the things

The download server is on summer vacancy, so I put it here. It’s a working…


Mouse gesture detection

A small and simple javascript library to detect mouse gestures that don’t involve a button…


Erik Bosrups famous overLIB

with improvements and plugins by Robert E. Boughner and me Install and activate lum_p version…


jQuery plugin collection

bundles some useful extensions and plugins for jQuery. The most notable one is jQuery UI,…


Create custom Txp tags containing any functionality you choose

Define custom macros from other Txp/plugin tags and use those macros as if they were built-in tags via <txp:my_tag />


A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper

A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper. License GPL v2 or (at your option) any later version.…


Like txp:hide but with a feature or two

Show or hide code/content blocks depending on site production status.


Add a useful code editor to Textpattern's Presentation tabs

Simply takes Christophe Dolivet’s EditArea, a free javascript editor for source code, and uses it…


Test and see code execution times

Rah_runtime returns execution time between a tag pair. The plugin can be used diagnose and test parts of code, and to pinpoint the source of a slowly executing page.

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