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Caches the outout of an url (simple GET APIs, URIs, websites etc.).

Caches the outout of an url (simple GET APIs, URIs, websites etc.). It can also be used to cache dynamic pages of the own website.


Display a custom quote or pull one from a web service

Easily display your own quote or pull one from the following services: Le Figaro (fr).…


Embed everything…

Get information from any web page (using oembed, opengraph, twitter-cards, scrapping the html, etc). It’s…


Better handling of HTML forms

This plugin was created to be used by other plugin authors. It’s intended to provide…

oui_player (formerly oui_video)

Easily embed iframe customizable players

oui_player is an extendable plugin to easily embed iframe customizable players. Supported players: Video Abc…

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library

PDF, Office & Image Annotation Widget for TextPattern GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET is a lightweight Office…


Integrate weather data from OpenWeatherMap

Bringing OpenWeatherMap data to the Textpattern CMS.

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Library

GroupDocs PDF & Office Document Viewer (Java Version) This plugin integrates GroupDocs’ Java document viewer…


Easily embed Vimeo videos in your content

Easily embed Vimeo videos in articles and customise the appearance of the player.


A Social Bookmarking Plugin

A simple Textpattern plugin for easily adding links to share pages on various social media…

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