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Flat theme management plugin for Textpattern

This plugin makes your Textpattern CMS database more flat, manageable and editable. Edit templates, forms, pages, preferences, variables and sections as flat files. Use any editor, work in teams and store your website’s source under your favorite version control system.

Minimum Theme

Minimalistic Frontend Theme for Textpattern

Minimum is a theme that lets you write. It embraces the golden ratio. What else would you need?

Preview of Minimum Theme

Yoko for Textpattern

Front end theme based on the Wordpress theme Yoko

Yoko is a beautiful theme originally designed for Wordpress. It is very flexible and can be customized quite easily. However, it comes with everything you need to start blogging right away, also including several backend plugins that make content creation simple and fun.

Some of the features of Yoko are:

  • HTML5/CSS3...

Hive Reloaded Administration Theme

The Hive_Reloaded Administration Theme based on Phil Wareham´s Hive theme.

The original theme seemed not user friendly enough, so I changed some things for me.


Create custom Txp tags containing any functionality you choose

Define custom macros from other Txp/plugin tags and use those macros as if they were built-in tags via <txp:my_tag />

Front-of-Site Theme Txp-Tumblog

First shiny Tumblog for Textpattern

This theme is the first (shiny) Tumblog theme for Textpattern with a lot of jQuery goodness, some gorgeous icons and let’s not forget to mention the new “Theme Variables” and “Widgets” tabs so that you can easily tailor it to your needs.

Installation uses the brandnew “cxc_templates” plugin, what an installation almost...

TXP Mobile

Mobile optimised theme

Mobile admin theme with remora theme for desktop.

TXPBlog Ancient Blog

Template converted by txpblog

This template is the second template converted by txpblog. Source of this is provided by templatemo free css tempale website. To Install and use, following these steps: – upload image, _template directorys to root of your txp website. – install mem_templates plugin, after this, you can see “Extension” menu on backend. – To use...

TXPBlog Design Blog

Template converted by txpblog

This template is converted from ramblingsoul Free cs template by txpblog.tk Install: – upload image, _template and js directorys to root of your txp website. – install mem_templates plugin, after this, you can see “Extension” menu on backend. – To use this template, you need back up your current template and import this template...


Temporarily override global preference

This is a tiny little Textpattern plugin that let’s you temporarily override site preferences in templates. This is useful if perhaps you want to slightly alter the global behaviour of articles or comments (for example) in a particular section. The preference is not altered in the database, just in the template.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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