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Rapid Template Versioning

This plugin exports your pages, forms and styles to a specified folder and autoloads modified…

Thinkr Uppr

Thinkr Uppr Template for Textpattern

Coffe'n'Cream template

Just calm, smooth and simple design

Coffee-N-Cream design pack


Merges several css files into one request

Merges several css files into one request


Minim is quite minimal and very flexible with many easy selectable layouts. A style-switch version is also available


Life is a very easy theme to customize.

Awesome Topic

Awesome Topic was designed for the 2007 Text Plates competition


Gaia is a Textpattern template with a clear focus on content and simplicity beside beauty and elegance. It is carefully crafted, thoroughly tested and provides wide customization capabilities.


Palpable is a clean multi-author blog with a consistent baseline grid.

Green Dream

Green Dream is Ivo Toman’s second submission of Textplates ’07 and is a clean, green template.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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