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BlueSky Front of Site Theme

BlueSky Textpattern Template - Front of Site

This is a professional ready to use blogging Theme with many nice features. Installation uses Manfreā€™s “mem_templates”, what an installation almost as easy as with WordPress guaranteed. Some minutes for the installing – ready to blog!


BlueSky Theme

Tuts & Tipps Admin Theme

An nice admin theme for Textpattern 4.2.0. It is based in Parts on Phw sandSpace by Philippe Wittenbergh, but i changed much Code and all Graphics.

Some Screenshots:


Create, edit, import, export, and allow users to switch admin-side themes from the TXP interface

Manage and edit admin-side themes from a convenient interface. Export zipped packages for sharing with the community and perform one-click import of other themes. Allow users to switch themes or set certain themes for particular user roles.


Simple blue and white coloured theme for blogs

Simple theme intended for blogs. Theme has two columns; left side is for content, right side for search form and stuff like that.

TXP Theme: commission

A Web 2.0 Style Theme

Download it now. Theme design by Free CSS Templates and ported to TXP by insraq…


Alternate stylesheet management and Javascript style switcher

Display a list of alternate stylesheets to your visitors and have this plugin manage the links for you through the magic of jQuery.

Merdeka theme @ Textpattern

Original WordPress theme: http://ikram-zidane.com/merdeka Merdeka theme is designed by ikram-zidane. Demo Textpattern version.

WordPress Default 1.6 theme

This is default Wordpress theme for Textpattern. Demo Enjoy ;)

The Ideal Website

Port of Reichenstein's Wordpress theme

A Textpattern adaptation of The Ideal Website Wordpress theme by Oliver Reichenstein of Information Architects.

TXP_Dilectio_Theme 1.0 Beta

unstable, not available for download temporarily...

More Infomation and demo: http://insraq.org/play/2008/07/04/get-txp_dilectio_theme-10-beta I’m not a native English speaker, so pardon me for…

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