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Minimum Theme

Minimum theme for Textpattern CMS. See a working demo here or fork it on github.

A huge thank you goes to Amit Varia, who inspired this theme as well as Phil Wareham, who added a great deal of magic touch.

Minimum enables you to publish your writings, but it does not allow you to:

  • use comments
  • use categories, sections, or even tags
  • use article images (technically you can use images inside articles, just no article image)
  • include a contact form
  • hook up to social networks or have sharing buttons
  • show off a massive link collection

Minimum is a theme that lets you write. It embraces the golden ratio. What else would you need?


Getting up and running is a breeze. Minimum is guaranteed to work on Textpattern 4.5.4. All you need is grab a copy of cxc_templates, install it and copy the minimum theme folder content to your tpl directory.

Refer to the Readme for more detailed installation instructions.

More Information

Have a look at for some more information about the theme.

PS: Since Minimum is so limited in what it does, changing most preference settings does not have much of an effect. It is, however, suggested that you have nice URLs (/article should be just fine) and disable the comments.

Preview of Minimum Theme

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31 Jan 2013
Posted here:
31 Jan 2013

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